Our Mission

Grooming young leaders to be confident, self sufficient and socially responsive through education, vocational skills acquisition and recreational activities

Our Vision

Igniting a passion for learning in our youth.

Our Focus

Our focus is on the education, empowerment and
development of young people. Helping them discover
their talents and purpose, while inculcating positive
values and a high sense of social responsibility in

Focus Areas


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“LEARN has given me the privilege to know the basic problems of smart phones and how to repair phones. It is an opportunity that I will always be thankful for.
After this training, I will like to go further to learn more about the solutions to fixing phones business with hopes to own a store in the next two years.”
Amisu Mohammed
Phone Maintenance Class
“I was invited by a friend. I have also attended previous LEARN programs but to be honest, this is my favourite program.I have learnt to fix issues on quite a number of Smart phones. I can fix a lot of phone problems now. After this program, I am willing to still continue learning about phone repairs.”
Adewoyin Ayomide
Phone Maintenance Class
“This platform has exposed and enlightened me on the various techniques to solve basic and minor smartphone problems and how to identify parts of phones and phone problems. It has also added another aspect of technical skill to the ones I have knowledge about.
I intend setting up a little business repairing phones.”
Favour Onyebuchi
Phone Maintenance Class
“The experience I had at LEARN is one of my best ever. The classes were interesting, the staff members were nice even though they were stern sometimes but that was all about discipline.
Kunyimi Obembe
Leadership & Skills Acquisition Programme
“All the classes held in LEARN inspired children to be good leaders. We learnt something new everyday.We were filled with positive values, self-confidence, self-sufficient and high sense of social responsibility through education and vocational skills classes. ”
Adelani Oluwatimisola
Leadership & Skills Acquisition Programme
“We had patience and attentive teachers who took time to explain to us how to perfect the skills we are interested in. I also like the fact that LEARN brought people to talk to us on how to face life during challenging times.
Adesola Olaitan
Leadership & Skills Acquisition Programme

About L.E.A.R.N.

L.E.A.R.N was established in 2007 with a mission to re-orientate and groom young leaders to become knowledgeable, confident, self-reliant and socially responsible through education, vocational skills acquisition and recreation.