Areas of Specialty

Motivational Talk in Schools

This programme is aimed to equip students with useful information that will help them make informed decisions, to be aware of career opportunities and expose them to entrepreneurial skills while still in school and educate them on sexuality issues.

Employability Training Programme

The focus of the programme is for graduates to embrace personal development, improve on their personal effectiveness, and acquire the soft skills that will enhance their employability. Ability to answer interview questions, write the perfect resume and cover letters, carry out proper research on an organization, self and workplace-awareness and time management are some of the value-adding skills they are taught. The target group includes school leavers, undergraduates and graduates within the ages of 18 – 25 years.

Timeout with the Youths

This programme gives us the opportunity to: interact with youths; exchange views on topical issues; counsel them on life issues; encourage positive conduct, and inculcate leadership qualities in them and enhance career and leadership skills in young people.

Indigent Scholarship Scheme

This programme affords brilliant students from low income background the opportunity to attend leading educational institutions in Nigeria from secondary school to university, with LEARN, in partnership with schools that have supported and trusted it to bring in the real pupils being responsible for the youths’ expenses such as School fees.

Parenting Forum - Parenting Clinic

The Parenting Clinic dedicates itself to the prevention of child abuse and neglect parenting education and skills-based training. We work from within the community providing individuals, families, schools and others with the tools they need to succeed together. Our goal is to equip homes with the necessary and needed counsel because we believe that strong families are the centres of a developed and progressive community.

Ignite the Youths

The ignite program is targeted at undergraduates and graduates with the primary aim of addressing issues that affect Nigerian youth and seeking for possible solutions for them to develop intellectually. The programme was birthed out of the need to understand the world of the youth to counsel them on having a brighter and rewarding future.

Let’s work together to achieve more

In the past 10 years, I have been privileged to have led the team at L.E.A.R.N. During this period, we have successfully implemented several programmes and projects aimed at educating, enlightening, and empowering young people.

The L.E.A.R.N project has been quite fulfilling for me and all others because the feedback we have received from the young people we work with, as well as from our partners, indicate that we have done reasonably well in meeting the objectives set out at the beginning.

That suggests to me that there is more work to be done as we do not intend to rest on our oars or be carried away by our little successes. We are determined to sustain the momentum of existing programmes and also break new grounds. We are committed to doing more to reach more young people and have greater impact on their lives.

This is where you come in as our potential partner, sponsor, or donor.

This publication chronicles the various initiatives that we have embarked upon in the last 10 years. It also identifies areas of possible collaboration and partnership between us and your esteemed self or organisation. We need your support, in cash and kind, to go further in this crusade.

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